Our Environmental Champions
2011 Krazy Ideas Contest Winners
Our 2011 Krazy Ideas Contest winners was a team from Norjohn Contracting and Paving
Limited. Team members include: Bill O’Brien, Julie Veilleux and Terry Schneider. We are currently investigating their creative solar heating idea. Bill, Julie and Terry were awarded with a dinner with the Environmental Performance Department at a local restaurant of their choice.

Atlas Landfill Remediation Project
The Atlas operations team, made up of Darren Fry, Gareth Jones, Dave Domalion
and Meghan Fraser(who has since returned to school), is always there and quick
to respond to, customers, contractors and drivers at the Atlas Site. The Team is
ever diligent in ensuring that all aspects of the operation meet the highest
environmental standards. This is no easy feat given that on any given day there
is a myriad of activities occurring at the site, whether it’s the 100 plus trucks
arriving at the site to deposit soil waste, the installation of the waterloo barrier
or the construction of an intricate surface water management system consisting
of leachate and stormwater collection. If that isn’t enough the Atlas team has
also rescued more than five turtles including snapping turtles and painted
turtles, returning them to safe habitat along the shores of the Welland River.
The Team’s attention to detail and their pride in the site and its environmental
improvements such as, keeping contact water out of the Welland River for the
first time since Atlas originally opened the site over fifty years ago, are qualities
that help make them true environmental champions.
Left to Right: Gareth Jones, Darren Fry, Dave Domalion.

Bill Johnstone - Solar Roadways
We would like to thank Bill Johnstone for joining the dialogue by sharing the solar roadways links on the Imagining our EARTH 1st Future discussion board. This is a great example of how others are imagining our future through innovation and leadership. What will we look like as the next generation of EARTH 1st?

Innovation - The Kurt Goering & John Vanderlee Way!
This year the Compost site overcame some difficult obstacles and we have everyone to thank for all their hard work. John Vanderlee and Kurt Goering did work to the screening plant which was critical to the clean up plan. Normally screening can not be done in the winter because snow, rain and the freezing temperatures create ice to build up in the screener. John and Kurt made a frame out of wood and covered the screener with tarps to prevent the ice from accumulating. It provided insulation for the screen to be able to operate during the winter months. This was critical as the compost site was able to screen the material and move it off-site as a sellable product.

Norjohn Transfer Eco-Renovations
Norjohn Transfer Systems Ltd. has been reducing their impacts while making renovations to their locker room and washrooms. Part of their 2010 EARTH 1st  goal is to ensure materials used for improvements are “green” designed to conserve power and water consumption.

The renovation works that have been installed are:
• Low flow toilets in the building to minimize water use
• Low consumption shower head to conserve water usage
• Two water less urinals
• Automatic shut-offs on facility lighting
• Automatic shut-offs on faucets

During the renovation process, recycled materials were reused where possible. This includes: doors for the washrooms, two sinks and door handles. Great job NJT!

Severn Pines
The site has been recycling their conveyor belts by sending them to QBM for reuse as rubber mats for backing trucks/trailers into loading docks. QBM recently received four loads of conveyor belts from Severn; that’s approximately 28 tonnes diverted from landfill.

Vineland Quarries
The Crew at Vineland has embraced the EARTH 1st principles, reducing the impact of daily
operations by improving the efficiency of their aggregates washing process. By reconfiguring
the wash plant, the site has reduced water takings and stress on settling ponds by 50 percent.

The site is also acknowledging their part by partnering with Niagara Peninsula Conservation
Authority (NPCA) in a data sharing program which will assist NPCA in modeling the impact
of climate change on the Twenty Mile Creek watershed.

Water Management
Stormwater management can be challenging for any aggregate operation, especially during the spring, when melting ice and snow combined with necessary dewatering exert extra strain on water management systems. Thanks to the efforts of Pat Raso, Wayne Eggleton & Glen Winger, Ridgemount Quarries can effectively manage their onsite water movement, maximizing efficiency and improving conditions for downstream neighbors along the Frenchman’s Creek. The team has worked diligently to improve onsite drainage and direct water to the Ministry of Environment approved discharge point. The need for pumping has been reduced and the capacity for storm water retention improved, leaving the environment and our neighbors smiling. Thanks Guys!

Walker Industries is committed to the community, environment and tommorrow's generation through the EARTH 1st Principles

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